Swap Shop

The Swap Shop is a way for you to get rid of those parts you bought for a project that never went anywhere, get new parts for a future project that might go somewhere, and donate money to charity while you’re doing it.


There’ll be a selection of crates containing stuff that people have brought with them: take a look around, pick up anything that takes your fancy and leave a donation in return. Make a note of the number on any crates you took items from so we can let the person who brought them how much they’ve raised. We will be performing age verification for any items that are age-restricted, such as blades or flammables.


Bring your items to EMF with you, and then bring them to the Shoppe. You’ll be given a numbered crate to place your items in, and we’ll take a name and some contact information - this will allow us to keep track of how much your donation raised, and to get in touch with you if anything is left over. You will be expected to take any items that people didn’t want home with you, think of this like a car boot sale rather than a recycling service.

What to bring

Things likely to appeal to EMF attendees that you wouldn't typically find in a local charity shop:

  • Specialist books
  • Tools
  • Electronic & mechanical components
  • Construction materials (think wood, not bricks)
  • Other craft/hobby materials

Items don't necessarily have to be working, but should pass the test of "it's reasonable to imagine someone salvaging/repurposing/reusing this item"

What not to bring

  • Items that are illegal in the UK
  • Weapons
  • Anything with non-obvious hazards (for example asbestos, chemical, or explosive hazards, Ionisation Chambers, Radioactives (no more orphan source events please))
  • Anything that would be in breach of the EMF code of conduct