Food & Drink

Don’t forget to eat and drink - hunger and dehydration are the enemies of having a great time!


We have a great range of food vendors with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Doing a volunteer shift will allow you to enjoy a meal cooked by our excellent crew catering!


Bringing Your Own Food

You are welcome to bring your own food and drink if you'd prefer. Please keep in mind that no open fires are allowed on the grass. If you can, please avoid bringing glass containers - broken glass is a pain to clear up.

There'll be a shop on site offering a range of camping friendly food and drink, and if you need a larger resupply there's a Tesco in Ledbury, which is a five minute drive away, and easily accessible via the shuttle bus.


The bars accept cards, cash, and contactless payments. You can check the opening hours and see what the bar is currently serving by visiting

This year we’ve eliminated single-use plastic cups, but we need you to help us return the reusable cups before the end of the event. Please do not throw them away!

Both bars are entirely run by volunteers, and any surplus is reinvested back into the event. If you’d like to help out, visit the volunteering section of the EMF website. There’s a short online training course to complete before you can sign up for bar shifts (18+ only).

The Robot Arms

Our pub, the Robot Arms, is northwest of Stage B. It sells a wide selection of soft drinks, wine, cider, spirits, and beer. We also have chilled tap water available for you to fill your own bottles.


The solarpunks have taken over Null Sector’s Cybar and are now serving draught beers, soft drinks and even water we think they tapped from an underground pipe.