Sponsor Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) is the UK’s largest technology-focused camping festival: a three-day event for people with an inquisitive mind and an interest in science, engineering, arts, technology, crafts, games, DIY, or security.

Held every two years, EMF is a cross between a conference and a festival, with talks and workshops on a wide range of subjects. EMF is a non-profit event, entirely run by a dedicated team of volunteers.

In 2022 we'll be running the fifth EMF festival. We're providing a programme of three days of fascinating talks, workshops, and performances, to an audience of over 2500 attendees in an internet-connected field.

Help Us Out

Ticket sales provide for the basic EMF infrastructure, but we rely on partnerships with generous sponsors to make the festival a truly amazing place to visit. This year, we hope support from sponsors will make the following things possible:

  • A custom, programmable electronic badge (TiLDA), free to all attendees.
  • Comprehensive, free on-site childcare and content for young people.
  • Live transcription of talks.
  • Large-scale interactive art installations.
  • Funding for speakers and workshops who are otherwise unable to attend.

We routinely work with sponsors to tailor their sponsorship package to an appropriate area.

Previous major sponsors have included Microsoft, UCL Engineering, Farnell, Paypal, Mathworks, Nexmo, Spotify, and Imagination Technologies.


The festival has rapidly grown in size, from just 400 attendees at the first EMF in 2012 to a predicted attendance of well over 2500 this year.

EMF draws a broad spectrum of attendees from a large range of disciplines around the world. We actively aim to become more diverse with each event, seeking out new topics and speakers from underrepresented demographics. As a result we have a strong Code of Conduct.

A significant proportion of EMF attendees work in technology or related industries, however we encourage them to speak on topics unrelated to their careers. In 2014 we introduced our first young people's track, with dedicated activities for the under-16s and full childcare for under 10s.

We encourage all sponsors to gift unused admission tickets to those who otherwise may not attend EMF. In previous years they have been donated to Codebar and Code Club, although sponsors may choose any group they wish.


Since we began in 2012 EMF has been covered by the national press in print, online, and on television.

Sponsorship Levels

The following sponsorship levels are presented as guidance, however we are happy to produce a custom sponsorship package for each sponsor that wishes to be involved with EMF.

Bronze: £1000

  • Logo on website
  • Logo on printed programme
  • Two admission tickets

Silver: £3000

  • Logo on website
  • Logo on printed programme
  • Logo on talk video title cards
  • A mention in blog posts
  • A mention in emails to attendees
  • Four admission tickets

Gold: £6000+

  • Logo on website
  • Logo on printed programme
  • Logo on talk video title cards
  • A mention in blog posts
  • A mention in emails to attendees
  • Logo on electronic camp badge
  • Eight admission tickets


Any number of custom options, such as:

  • Giving out swag (t-shirts, umbrellas) to attendees
  • Dedicated sponsorship of a thing (e.g. live transcription)
  • Dedicated sponsorship of an area (e.g. for the lounge)

Sponsorship is subject to UK VAT at 20%. The sponsorship levels on this page exclude VAT.

Get in Touch

If you're interested in sponsoring EMF 2022 we'd love to hear from you. You can get in touch by: