Privacy Policy

This policy describes how Electromagnetic Field Ltd (EMF) stores and processes your data when you use our websites and attend our events.

We will never sell your data to anyone, and we will never share it with any other organisation except as detailed in this policy. Unless mentioned elsewhere in this policy, all attendee data held by us, including backups, will be deleted no later than 12 months after the end of the event it relates to.


By purchasing a ticket you consent to receiving email updates related to the event. The last email we send you will be no later than two months after the end of the event.

If you opt in, we will add your email address to our mailing list to let you know about future events. If you do so, we will only send a maximum of four emails to you per event. This list is managed by MailChimp. You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you subscribe to our mailing lists, your email address will be stored in relation to that mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you email us at an address, your messages are stored by Helpmonks, our email ticketing software.

Online Payments

If you pay us through our payment providers Stripe or GoCardless, they will process and store your payment details in accordance with their privacy policies. EMF does not handle your online payment data in any form.

If you pay us by bank transfer, your name or bank details may appear on our bank statements, and in our online accounting service (Xero). We are required by UK law to retain these for six years, and our bank (Barclays) may retain them for longer.

In-person Payments

When we accept card payments at our events, we store receipts and any other data generated in accordance with PCI DSS standards. Merchant payment receipts will be securely disposed of no later than 6 months after the event ends.


If you choose to allow recording of your session, the video will be available indefinitely to stream and download under a Creative Commons license on our YouTube channel and

You may contact us to have the streaming video removed from our channels, however we cannot control its distribution elsewhere under the open license.

Call for Participation and Schedule

If your Call for Participation (CfP) submission is successful, your name and talk description will be displayed indefinitely on the schedule section of this website. You may contact us to get this changed or removed.

For successful CfP submissions, your name, email address, and any communications with you will be held for up to 5 years. This is to allow us to fairly allocate talks between events, and so we have access to any special requirements you may have requested for the previous event.

Wiki Content

If you contribute to our event wiki, the content you produce will be displayed publicly and archived indefinitely in a read-only manner after the event ends. Your login details and session data will be purged no later than 12 months after the end of the event.

Internet Privacy

We take the privacy and anonymity of our event internet connection extremely seriously.

We never engage in any deep packet inspection or logging of individual packet data, and we actively avoid logging all unnecessary data. We may log traffic flows for the purposes of managing our network.

Any data which may be used to assist in identifying a user (such as DHCP server databases) is stored in memory only. All servers which provide network services are securely erased before they leave the site after the event.

Web Logging and Analytics

We may log your IP address in order to troubleshoot issues with our web sites or to handle abuse. These logs will be kept for the shortest time possible, but never later than 12 months after the end of the event.

Your interactions with our web sites are tracked with Google Analytics.


Data held by EMF is stored and processed in the UK in accordance with UK and EU rules.

Data sent to Stripe, Google, MailChimp, and Helpmonks is processed in the USA under the terms of the EU-US Privacy Shield scheme.