This style guide is primarily intended for EMF teams making "official" content for the event. Due to the nature of EMF, it's difficult to draw a crisp line between official and unofficial, and we usually don't mind attendees playing with aspects of our style as long as it doesn't mislead people.

We ask that you do not sell items with our branding on without asking us first, and if you're unsure, please get in touch.


The name of the event is Electromagnetic Field, which should always be written out in full initially, where possible. It can be abbreviated to EMF or EMF2024 subsequently, as repeating "Electromagnetic Field" a lot can become cumbersome to read.

The abbreviations EMF Camp or EMFCamp should never be used in text when referring to the event. They may be used only in social media usernames and similar situations, but only where EMF is unavailable.

Written style

We try to keep a consistent style when communicating to attendees - check out the blog for some examples of this.

Our style is friendly, inclusive, enthusiastic, and clear. We're a community event, not a faceless corporation, so avoid sounding "corporate" and remember that everyone at EMF is responsible for making the event happen. Don't use the passive voice and be honest when things go wrong.

We try not to be too serious, but avoid shitposting and in-jokes on our main communication channels - it's alienating to people who might be new to our community. Team accounts on social media have more leeway here.


Our primary typeface is Raleway which is available under an open license. Specifically we use:

  • Raleway Regular (400 weight) for printed body content and the logo text.
  • Raleway Semi-Bold (600 weight) for headings and the year in the logo.

Avoid using other weights unless it's necessary for clarity or to distinguish between different levels of headings.


Unless really necessary, use font size 12pt as a minimum for documents that are printed to be held and read, such as booklets, pamphlets, cards, and so on. Make sure you think about the viewing distance for other objects. If in doubt, go large and clear.

EMF 2024 style

For general inspiration, please check out the theme guide.

Colour scheme

Pale Green #AFC944 175, 201, 68 C36M5Y93K0 120 80 60
Mid Green #528329 82, 131, 41 C72M28Y100K12 6018
Dark Green #213018 33, 48, 24 C74M53Y84K67 6009
Yellow #F9E200 249, 226, 0 C5M5Y100K0 1026
Orange #F77F02 246, 127, 2 C0M62Y100K0 2007
Pink #F55089 245, 80, 137 C0M84Y17K0 4010
Blue #2EADD9 46, 173, 217 C70M13Y6K0 5012


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svg | png

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svg | png

Credits and history

The EMF logo and style was originally designed in 2012 by Stavros Georgakopoulos. Updated and maintained 2014-2018 by Jake Howe, and 2020-present by Morag Hickman, Evelyn Greeves, and the rest of the EMF design team.