If you want to get items delivered to the event while you're here, the Logistics team offer a best-effort delivery receiving service for anything coming by post or delivery service (e.g. Amazon packages).

Note: This is for personal and village deliveries only. If you need something delivered for an EMF team or if it's larger than a pallet, please contact the Logistics team at or DECT 1030 for instructions.

To make sure your item gets to you, you need to do three things:

  • Address it correctly
  • Let us know it's coming
  • Pick it up when it has arrived


Please address the item in this format:

Your Name Here
Your Village Name Here (if applicable)
EMF Electromagnetic Field 2024
Eastnor Deer Park
Access from A438
Eastnor, LEDBURY HR8 1RQ
Phone: 07441 101723

It's important you get all of this in; if the service you're using doesn't have that many address lines, combine some (the name/village name line and the Deer Park/A438 lines could be combined).

Please also include our site delivery phone number if possible.

We will accept attendee and village deliveries from Wednesday 29th May through to Sunday 2nd June inclusive. Any deliveries received after this date will be discarded; if you absolutely need something delivered before, please get in touch with Logistics ( and we'll see if we can accommodate you.

Amazon-Specific Instructions

If you are ordering an item from Amazon, please be aware that you need to address things very specifically - particularly:

  • That you ensure the phone number above is used as the delivery phone number (this should allow us to receive packages that might otherwise need a code)

  • That you add extra delivery instructions under "Delivery instructions -> Do we need additional instructions to find this address?" that match the following:


    The deliveries entrance to EMF is off the A438 in Eastnor, on the left a short distance after the entrance to Eastnor Castle. Follow the yellow road signs to EMF.

We also have an example of how to fill out the address form correctly.

Let Us Know

Once you've ordered your item, please fill out our attendee delivery form, and provide as many details about the package as you can. While tracking numbers are optional, please include them if you know them, as it helps us get through the pile of packages quicker.

If you don't let us know about a package, we may still receive it, but expect a bigger delay at pickup or the possibility that we won't be able to find it.

Note that EMF has no liability for any packages, even if we sign for them; we cannot guarantee it will not get lost, or that you can pick it up in a timely fashion. Do not get perishable or valuable items delivered unless you are prepared to lose them.

Pick it up

Packages are held for collection at the Logistics tent; visit us just inside the HQ area (at the southeast end of the site) between 10am - 5pm during the event to pick them up once your courier tells you they're delivered.

It takes us a little bit to get through all of the packages when they arrive (during the main event, we often have a delivery van just full of items for us) so please give us an hour or so after you are notified of delivery to come collect it.

Note that we will not notify you when something has arrived. If you don't collect your deliveries before the end of the event, or they arrive after the event is over, they will be discarded!