Staying healthy at EMF

This page applies to Electromagnetic Field 2024. It may be updated before the event but any commitments made in this policy will not be weakened.

While you're at EMF, our medical team will be available to assist you if you're injured or ill, or if you just need some suncream — just drop by the first aid tent.

If you have an urgent medical issue, head to the first aid tent, call 1099 on the phone system, or ask any volunteer with a radio. Only dial 999 as a last resort — we have paramedics on site who will get to you quicker.

Refund policy

We will fully refund your ticket if you are unable to come to EMF due to an infectious disease. If you have any of the following symptoms, please don't attend and ask us for a refund:

  • A positive test for COVID-19
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Diarrhoea or vomiting (in the last 48 hours)
  • A rash with fever

We trust our attendees not to abuse this offer, as it is unlikely we will be able to resell tickets returned so close to the event.

Respiratory illness

While outdoor events are some of the lowest-risk places to be in the company of several thousand people, there is still a risk of infectious diseases, including not just COVID-19, but also measles and whooping cough, which are currently on the rise in the UK.

What we're doing

We aim to reduce the baseline risk of infection in our main event structures to a level where wearing a mask should provide you with a very good level of protection. We're paying particular attention to ventilation, and we will be monitoring CO2 with the aim of keeping levels in these structures below 800 ppm. We will have a supply of FFP2 masks and tests available for free.

We will be monitoring prevalence of COVID in the lead-up to the event, and if it is likely that prevalence is high, we may strengthen this policy.

What you should do

We strongly encourage you to:

  • Take a rapid test (lateral flow test) for COVID-19 the day you leave for EMF
  • Wear masks on public transport and in enclosed spaces on your way to EMF
  • Bring rapid tests with you to take during the event
  • Bring masks, and wear a mask at EMF if you're in a crowded enclosed area, particularly if people are talking or singing
  • Be aware of the symptoms of COVID-19, measles, and whooping cough (pertussis)
  • Ensure you are vaccinated against measles and whooping cough, and ideally that you have had a recent COVID booster

The risk of catching airborne diseases is likely to be higher in smaller village tents, where people are talking and ventilation tends to be less good than our larger structures. We encourage villages to pay attention to ventilation in these tents.

What to do if you're ill at EMF

If you experience symptoms of COVID during the event, please take a rapid COVID test — if you don't have one, the First Aid tent will give you one for free.

A positive rapid test means that you are very likely contagious. If you test positive for COVID or have symptoms of flu or measles, please wear a mask, take great care to avoid close contact with other attendees, and leave the event as soon as you are able to. Even mild symptoms won't be fun if you're stuck in a tent. If you need any assistance, call our medical team.

If you have any respiratory symptoms but have tested negative for COVID, please keep testing every day and wear a mask while you're near other people.

Food poisoning

Outdoor events carry a higher risk of catching food poisoning. We'll provide plenty of places for you to wash your hands, with running water and soap — please wash your hands regularly.

Tick bites

EMF is held in a deer park, which increases the risk of tick bites, especially if you wander off the event site into longer grass.

Tick bites can carry Lyme disease. If you are bitten by a tick, please visit the First Aid tent to have it removed, and be aware of the symptoms of Lyme disease.


If you're drinking alcohol, be aware that dehydration worsens its effects and it's easier to get dehydrated when camping outdoors. Make sure you eat regularly and drink plenty of water.

Never get so drunk that you cannot take care of yourself if you were to get into a difficult situation. Our code of conduct applies to everyone, and intoxication is never an excuse for bad behaviour.


Camping gas accidents can cause serious burns. Never change gas canisters in or near a tent and make sure the canister is threaded properly before lighting.

Hearing damage

Exposure to loud music can cause damage to your hearing — we provide free earplugs at the Info desk and at Null Sector. Please use them if you don't have your own!


Please come prepared for all weather! England in early June can be hot and sunny, or cold and rainy, often within hours of each other.

Make sure you drink plenty of water — there are water points across the site and free water is provided at the bars. Bring sunscreen, wear it, and re-apply regularly, even if it's cloudy.

Bring plenty of warm clothing and layers as it can get surprisingly cold at night.