As part of our commitment to improving the diversity of EMF we want to track and
publish our diversity statistics for each event.

The breakdown of this will change year to year but from this page you can find
what we have for each year. Because of this it's important to check any explanatory
notes with any year's stats in case there's been a change.

Get involved

We need your help in opening our event to more people. Our orga team will take
the lead and ultimately are responsible for improving EMF, but we want a diverse
group of community champions to support us in this process. We are seeking people
who can advise us on how to lower barriers for any group who currently feel they
are either not represented at EMF or cannot attend for any reason.

If you are at all invested in improving representation of any community at EMF,
we would love you to help us with feedback either in one of the sessions, via
email to or by joining the team. All feedback is
welcome, even if it's just a little thought in your head - maybe it'll be the
catalyst for a big change.

The stats