As usual, our lovely power team will provide power to all our attendees. This guide will tell you how to connect safely.

Power will predominantly be delivered via 16A (Blue IEC60309 "Ceeform") connectors although some 13A UK sockets will be available within datenklos.

We plan our campsites so that no point will be more than 40 metres away from a source of power, but the majority of power extension leads are 25m or shorter, so please aim to arrive early if you really need power, or try and connect via a neighbour.

If you're coming by yourself, bring a good-quality reel-type extension lead (ideally at least 25m) with a 13A or 16A plug. If you're coming as part of a larger village, try to bring enough equipment to safely distribute within your village.

Power requirements in excess of 16A single-phase are subject to special request - please email us as soon as possible so we can try and sort something out.


The power network is designed and tested to relevant UK standards. All sockets within the camping area are protected by 30mA RCDs to reduce risk of electrical shock.

You should always make sure that any connections are kept well inside an enclosed area which won't get wet. If you suspect a connection has got wet, please disconnect it yourself or ask for a member of the power team if you don't feel you can.

If it rains, the earth leakage current from a number of slightly damp appliances can add up to enough to trip our larger upstream RCDs, which will inconvenience more people than just you - so please try to keep things dry!

Camper Vans & Caravans

As usual, we will provide 1x 16A Ceeform socket in the campervan area for every campervan/caravan ticket sold.

Electric Vehicles

Owing to the increased price of providing electricity at EMF, and the increasing number of electric vehicles, we do not plan to provide generally-available electric vehicle charging at EMF 2024. We ask that you arrive at EMF with enough charge to leave at the end of the event and familiarise yourself with nearby charging points.

We will be able to provide EV charging in an emergency.