We try and do everything we can to make EMF as accessible as possible, however it is ultimately a camping event in a field, and we can't work miracles.

The site will be well-lit during the event, and we will aim to cover access to the stages with trackway. Travelling between stages may take some time, and the site is quite hilly.

Arriving by train

Ledbury train station is not wheelchair-accessible. The London/Birmingham-bound platform can only be accessed via a narrow footbridge with a significant number of steps. Consequently we have decided not to provide a wheelchair-accessible shuttle bus to the station.

Parking and Camping

There is a designated accessible parking area just outside the main gate. Please let the stewards know where you're heading and they can direct you there.

The accessible camping area is located at the quiet end of the site, close to the parking area, and close to accessible toilets and showers.

As with everywhere on site, power will be available. However, we're unable to guarantee the 24/7 availability of power for medical devices such as CPAP machines.

Carer Tickets

If you require a ticket for a carer to come to EMF with you, we are happy to provide these for free. Once you've bought your ticket, please email us with the name and email address of your carer, and we will issue them a ticket.


We will be providing live captions for talks in the main venues (stages A, B and C). These will be displayed in the venue on monitors to the side of the stage, as well as available via a web browser on personal devices on-site.