Code of Conduct

We are committed to making Electromagnetic Field an inclusive and welcoming event.

Sadly, technology events have a notorious reputation for harassment. We've set these ground rules to make it abundantly clear that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable, so that everyone can feel comfortable attending EMF. Everybody in the EMF community is required to abide by this code of conduct at the event and on any online channels.

The rules

We do not tolerate abuse, harassment, or discriminatory behaviour of any form. Specifically:

  • Do not engage in homophobic, biphobic, racist, transphobic, ableist, sexist, or otherwise prejudiced behaviour.
  • Do not harass people. Harassment includes stalking, unconsented physical contact, threatening behaviour, and unwanted sexual attention. Dressing or acting in a certain way is not consent.
  • Everyone's personal space is their own. If you are asked to leave someone alone, or to leave their village, you must respect this.
  • People may not want to be filmed or photographed. Respect their wishes when taking photos. Do not publish identifiable images of people without their consent.
  • Sexualised language and imagery is not appropriate in public, or in sessions which do not deal directly with such topics.
  • Aggression and elitism are not welcome — do not belittle people for their knowledge or experience.

Reporting an incident

If you are being harassed or witness a breach of this code of conduct, you can get in touch with us by:

  • Filling out our contact form.
  • Sending us an email at
  • Calling us on 1234 (from a phone on site) or 0333 112 2944.
  • Finding a member of event staff (they'll be clearly identifiable) and let them know. All our volunteer staff will be briefed on how to handle reports.

Our response

During an event, we aim to reach a decision on all conduct issues within 12 hours. Outside of events, we will initially respond within one week.

All reports will be taken seriously and will be considered in confidence by our Conduct & Accessibility team with the involvement of the Directors and Duty Site Manager if necessary.

If we believe you have violated this code of conduct, we will normally issue you with a warning, with which you are expected to comply. If your behaviour continues, we may eject you from the event and ban you from any online channels.

Serious breaches, including sexual or physical assault, will result in your immediate ejection from the event and a ban from all future EMF events. We may involve the police if the victim wishes.

If you have any comments or queries, you can get in touch at This Code of Conduct is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License and was last revised on 2024-02-03.