Electromagnetic Field 2022

EMF 2022 was held between and at Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Eastnor, Herefordshire, UK.

Below you can find a list of talks and workshops. You can find more memories from EMF 2022 on the Internet Archive.

Main Stages

Name Title
Sean Lucent 1-hour* Computing Degree
Chris Stubbs & Dom Tag 2500 nerds, one pathetic robot
Caroline Zahnd 3615 Love by PAMAL_Group Has video
John Dalziel A brief history of Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time Has video
Anthony Williams A Crash Course In Railway Safety Has video
Kara Langford A journey through philosophy: exploring metaphysics via memes and a sprinkling of pop culture. Has video
eph A Life Without Stickers is Possible But Useless Has video
Lee V Adventures with Home Energy Monitoring (with a Raspberry Pi & many Arduinos)
Daniel Jones Aerials: Generating music from network systems
Alex McLean Algorithmic patterns - a long history
Ella Barrington An engineer's guide to grief Has video
Zammis Clark An Evil Maid's Dream: Windows Boot Security was Broken Anyway Has video
Cutlasses (Scott Pitkethly) An introduction to building your own digital audio effects Has video
Kim M Anatomy 102: Is that normal!?! Has video
Dan Nixon Announcing the EMF schedule like it's the 80s Has video
Ottilia Westerlund Anti-surveillance Knitting Has video
Eugénie von Tunzelmann Art, science, creativity, black holes, roller coasters and robot xylophones
May asdkfldsalkasdf: Keysmashes, Sexuality and Mathematical Randomness Has video
Richard Hayler Astro Pi Mark II - how to send a Raspberry Pi from a factory in Wales to the International Space Station
James Sutton Automated Science at Sea - The Mayflower Autonomous Ship Has video
James Bruton, Matt Denton, Ruth Amos Being YouTubers! Has video
Matthew Harrold Building a copper telephone network at EMF Has video
Reuben Binns Building a Home-Made Enigma Machine Has video
ben Everard Building weird games controllers. Has video
Peter Thorley Captain Proton's Ukulele for Dummies Has video
EMF Team Closing Ceremony Has video
Matt Carroll Computational Alchemy
Pita Arreola Computer Art from the 1960s until now
Dave Cranmer Dave Cranmer talks about nervoussquirrel.com and how to get paid to make things Has video
Tyler Ward Demystifying the USB Type-C connector Has video
David Croft et al EMF 2022 Infrastructure Review Has video
David MacIver Emotions, what's up with those? Has video
Shannon Hoover and Sydney Pratte Fashion-tech Advice from a Farm Boy and a Comp Sci Geek Has video
Reality Crossley & Alex Shaw Field-FX Demo Show Has video
Laura Massey Fill Your Home with Obsolete Technology: Rare Book Collecting 101
Gavin Starks Fixing climate change: finance, science, policy & data Has video
Tom O’Connor and Hugh Wells Fluroclock - the clock made from fluorescent tubes
Hannah Cameron From Parsnips to Palm Trees: the Economics of Stardew Valley
Simon Singh From Theorems to Serums, From Cryptology to Cosmology ... and The Simpsons
Robin Marlow Ghost in the machine or monkey with a typewriter—generating titles for Christmas research articles in The BMJ using artificial intelligence
Ryan Castellucci Hacking Gender: Transition À La Carte Has video
Pip Thornton Hacking Google with Poetry – what are words worth anyway?
Dave Rowntree Hacking the Radio Spectrum with GNU Radio Has video
Hugh Wells Hacking train tickets for fun, but not for profit Has video
James Macfarlane Hovering Rockets Has video
Matt Gray How I Fight the Doomscroll and Get Out of the Social Media Refresh Loop Has video
Caroline Graham How I set up a CoderDojo and Started a Coding Community in my Town Has video
Russell Couper How I'm building my monstrous electric motorcycle from hacked scrap EV & Hybrid parts. Has video
Alistair MacDonald How not to start a Hackspace
Tony Goacher How to get money from fruit machines with and without cheating.
Jonathan Hogg I gave up investment banking to become a digital artist Has video
Emma McDonald Improve your Memory ( in your head not in your computer) Has video
Phil Pemberton Inside Datatrak: resurrecting a radio navigation network Has video
Crypt Introduction to the Demoscene Has video
Lorna Mitchell Landscape of Open Source Databases Has video
DAVID JOHNSON Launching a Rocket, Suspended by a Balloon (Rockoon), from the Stratosphere Has video
Robin Wilson Learning from accidents: an introduction to railway signalling in the UK Has video
Caspar Addyman Life lessons from Laughing Babies and Murderous Philosophers. Has video
Lightning Talks Lightning Talks Friday
Lightning Talks Lightning Talks Saturday Has video
Lightning Talks Lightning Talks Sunday Has video
eta London Underground open data: much more than you ever wanted to know Has video
Matthew Scroggs Machine learning with a pile of matchboxes
Matt Mapleston Making in Margate Has video
Jonny Austin Making technology deliberately distinguishable from magic: designing the BBC micro:bit Has video
Jennifer Herchenroeder Material Science: Steel for BattleBots (and Robot Wars, of course) Has video
Genevieve Smith-Nunes & Alex Shaw ME++ The Data Within - data ethics, ballet, brainwaves, and AR Has video
David Buchanan Modern Cryptography from Scratch, in Scratch Has video
Kate Devlin Not another sex robot talk! Has video
Bob (on behalf of team:badge) oh heck another badge talk Has video
Richard Sewell On taking your daft ideas seriously (or, how we accidentally made an art robot business) Has video
Ian B Dunne On the Fringe of Science. Volume 1
Gustavo El Khoury Seoane Open Garden, Mesh networks, and how it helped me protest safer Has video
EMF Team Opening Ceremony Has video
Aisha Nasir Opening the Door for the Globally Excluded in Tech
Julie Freeman, Rachel Armstrong, Ioannis Ieropoulos Pee is Powerful! From artwork to new world infrastructures with ALICE Has video
Sam Machin PickMeUp And Hold Me Tight, or How I ended up war dialling the UK payphone estate Has video
Rob Miles Product Launch: Chocolate Synthbox Sound synthesizer
Emma McDonald Psychological party tricks Has video
Damian Bevan Receiving amateur radio satellite beacons
Andy Whyte, Jason Evans Refurbishing a 1970's Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
Tim Murray-Browne Rewilding Human-Computer Interaction Has video
Robert D Manuel Rob Manuel of @fesshole and b3ta talks about trying to entertain people with comedy bots
James Arthur Running around in circles and why it isn't as useless as you first expect. Has video
Tanya Harrison See Change, Change the World: Imaging Earth with CubeSats Has video
Sai Sense without sight: blind navigation for sighted people
Nigel Worsley Ship vs Oil Rig Has video
Dr Mike Reddy Sifteo Cubes: Resurrecting a legend Has video
Skylar MacDonald Skylar MacDonald's Fact Machine
Helen Leigh Soft Electronics Has video
Terence Eden Solar Punks... ASSEMBLE! Data from domestic solar panels and batteries Has video
Alexander Bolton Some Useful Maths Has video
Cybergibbons Speed 3: Cruise Control Has video
Simon Jelley The Aragoscope: optics without lenses or mirrors
Cai Jones The Art of Videogame Sound Effects Has video
Sarah Angliss The Atomic Gardener
Steve Baines The curious design of the Apollo Guidance Computer. Has video
John Dingley The Digi-Gurdy: An electronic MIDI enabled Hurdy Gurdy project Has video
Chris Wright The future of invention Has video
Alexander Belyaev The Highest Energy Machine on the Earth to Solve the Biggest Puzzles of the Universe Has video
Matthew Macdonald-Wallace The imitation game - using live data feeds from Network Rail to control a model railway Has video
Lincoln & Chris Barnes (Team Robotmad) The Life of Geoff - our autonomous 4WD rover who nearly became a South African Nurse.
Jelly The Parables of the Bird Poo, Vibrators, and Chemical Weapons: what hazardous waste can tell us about sustainable development.
Alex Rea The SEGA Dreamcast: Frankenstein's Console Has video
James Smith The Tokenisation of the Commons
Sarah Cole 'This is Britain' – British cultural propaganda films of the 1930s-1940s, their creation, and their far-reaching global legacy Has video
Suzie Devey Two Tin Cans - Printmaking in a phonebox Has video
Jason Bedard Unfinished Projects: Breaking the cycle Has video
Chris Lynas Using Arduinos to Resurrect an Airliner Wing Has video
Damian Bevan Using computers to cheat at maths
jeffmakes Wearable Fire Art Has video
Jo Franchetti Wearable live captions (making mask wearing more accessible for those who are hard of hearing)
Chris Swan What if apps logged into you, instead of you logging into apps?
Rupert Callender What remains? Stories from a radical undertaker Has video
Trans Tech Tent (Abby Simmons / Jane Fleetwood) Who if not you: A guide to community Has video
Matthew Garrett Who watches the scooters? Has video
Dr Shane Horgan, Dr Sarah Anderson, and Dr Ben Collier Why do researchers get 'hackers' so wrong, and why we should be worried about the police's response?
Danielle Saunders Why doesn't the Universal Translator translate Klingon insults? A nerd's introduction to machine translation Has video
Dr Kim Foale Why is it so hard to do nice things, that make a difference, with other people? Has video
Sophie Lovejoy Why you really need to get out more...
Tim Jacobs Why YOU should write a Gameboy Emulator Has video


Name Title
The Crimson Wave Project 3D Printing Menstrual Technology
Elena Vataga Applied String Theory
Mitch Altman Arduino For Total Newbies - Learn to solder version
Kevin Lewis Build Your First Battlesnake!
Yannick Build your own Geiger Counter
Spencer Owen - RC2014 Build Your Own Z80 Retro Computer Kit
Jeffrey Roe Building a TinyGS Station
Kevin Lewis Building a Wearable Captioning Badge
Lydia Monnington Building mathematical structures with modular origami
Lucy Rogers Communication skills for Geeks
Melanie King Cyanotype Workshop
Martin Leyrer From Zero to root in 120 minutes - Introduction to Wordpress Hacking
Yannick Hacking Alchemy: Turning Household Materials into Gold
Martin Hacking group interactions
Tamar Willson Hebocon robot building workshop
DJ Narq / Reflex How to make a cool '90s Protracker Module on an Amiga (or using emulation)
Lydia Monnington Introduction to Designing for the Laser Cutter
Mark Parnaby Introduction to leatherwork
Mitch Altman Learn to Solder / Digital Music Synthesis workshop with ArduTouch music synthesizer kit
Mitch Altman LED Strips Everywhere for Everyone!
Alex McLean Live coding algorithmic patterns with strudel
Jonny Austin Machine learning playtime. Make normal objects clever with the micro:bit
Becky Stewart Make an E-Textile Smart Pillow
Sai Meditation for Hackers
Darren Blaxcell - rakits.co.uk Metal Synth - Build/Solder your own Metal Percussion Synthesizer
Null Sector Night Market
Peter Jackson Paper Circuits Workshop
Sam Machin Programming the EMF Phone network with Jambonz and Node-RED
Darren Blaxcell - rakits.co.uk Rakit Drum Synth - Build/Solder your own Drum Synthesizer
Sai Sense without sight / blind navigation hands-on workshop
Claire Phillips Sew tech: a drop in workshop for help with sewing and fabric
Helen Leigh Soft Electronics: Sewing Circuits
Matthew Little Solder Some Solar
Ian Forrester The future of podcasting is adaptive, open and data ethical
Isabel Bishop, Dhruv Kumar, Duncan Wilson What’s in the water?

Youth Workshops

Name Title
Kate Davis A Model EMF
Jeffrey Roe, Christian Kortenhorst Bridge Building
Kate Davis Bubble Fun!
Adam Greig Build and fly a rocket
Hannah Hulbert Crafting Cnidarians: corals and jellies and siphonophores - oh my!
Dervla O'Brien DIY Light Up Festival Bracelets
Tom DJ Workshop
EMF Kids EMF Kids Disco
Andrew Mulholland Family pizza evening
Claire Mulholland Gamestorming
Dale Lane Intro to AI: Train your computer!
Will Furnell Learn how to program (LEGO) rovers used in the most challenging environments
Bethanie Fentiman Mario Kart Tournament
Kate Davis Marshmallow Astronauts
Andrew Mulholland Minecraft Coding Adventure - Seymour Island
Adam Cohen-Rose Minecraft Robot Challenge
Ollie, Aiden, & Rob McKinnon Origami Boomerang Folding
Andrew Mulholland Painting with light - Build and paint with your own "Glowie"
Richard Hayler Raspberry Pi Pico Party Poppers
Joanne Rachel Knox What will we wear tomorrow


Name Title
2xAA 2xAA - electronic music crafted using Game Boys
2xAA 2xAA Chiptunes DJ Set
Ben XO A spicy Drum & Bass DJ set at 174bpm or thereabouts
Ian Forrester A trancy night with DJ cubicgarden
Alex McLean Algorave
Chipko Chipko
coderobe coderobe
Courier Courier
Cutlasses Cutlasses
Det Det
Dixie Flatline Dixie Flatline
DJ LastKnight DJ LastKnight
DJ Narq DJ Narq
Flesh Tetris Flesh Tetris
Felix Johnson FSTPG DJ set
Gasman Gasman's ZX Spectrum Chiptune Revival
Graham Dunning Graham Dunning
Leon Trimble Gravity Synth - Friday Night Edition
Kids' Disco Kids' Disco
Sam Battle Look Mum No Computer
Moormur Moormur
MrJoshua MrJoshua
Palindrones Palindrones
Polyop Polyop: An Audio-Visual Voyage
Allie Some techno, in a field.
Superstar DJ Lai Power Superstar DJ Lai Power
The Memepunks The Memepunks
Tom Christian Tom Christian
Tom Christian Underground techno and house vinyl DJ set
Vieon Vieon


Name Title
PJ Evans General Magic
PJ Evans Hackers
PJ Evans Interstellar
PJ Evans Sneakers
PJ Evans The Barkley Marathons
PJ Evans The Speed Cubers


Name Title
MR P D Hutchinson 2xAA: writing chiptune using nanoloop
Adam Froggatt, Kate Devlin GPT-3 Powerpoint Karaoke Has video
Tamar Willson Hebocon: terrible robot fighting tournament
Lucy Rogers Life Of Riley Ceilidh Dance
Reality Crossley Shader Showdown and Byte Battle

Attendee Events

We encourage people to run their own talks, performances, workshops, and community meetups during the event. These are the ones that people added to the schedule.

Name Title
Tony Goacher: Hacman 3D printed/open hardware laser tag
Tony Goacher: Hacman 3D printed/open hardware lasertag
ADHD Hackers ADHD/ASD Meetup
Midder Air Quality Monitoring
AMSAT-UK Team Amateur Radio Satellite Operation Demonstration
Mitch Altman Arduino For Total Newbies - Solderless version
Nottinghack Village Badge Soldering Workshop @Nottinghack
Nottinghack Village Barbot
Bart Derudder Belgian Beer tasting workshop
Blacksmiths Blacksmithing - Have a go
Blacksmiths Blacksmiths - have a go
Blacksmiths Blacksmiths - Have a go
overflo Blinkenrocket/Learn to solder
Yannick Build your own Geiger Counter
Coppersmiths Coppersmiths - Bowl making
The Maths Village Craft Drop In
FieldFX Demo Compos
The dinosaur skull 3D printing crew Dippy Skull Assembly Party
Phil Ashby DIY Satellites
evvvvil Do you even write shaders bro?
The Maths Village Dome Building Drop In
Alex Ball Explore samples with light microscopy
Alex Ball Family activities with the SEM
Jeff Gough Film Screening: "The Phenomenon, 2020" - A mind-blowing documentary will convince you that UFOs/UAP are real
Steve Barnett FooBot
Alison Kiddle Geogebra Drop-in
Hackspace Foundation Hackspace and Makerspace Meetup
Hacky Racers! (Opposite the Robot Arms) Hacky Racers! (Opposite the Robot Arms)
Nathan Dumont Informal retro computing meetup
Alexander Baxevanis Infrastructure Club meetup
James Arthur James Arthur Q&A
Mike Haber Just Draw the Thing
Hibby Karaoke
Entertentment Karaoke 2: Sing again
Kliment Layout the EMF badge
Blacksmiths Masterclass - Egg Spoon
Matthew Scroggs Matchbox Machine Learning Drop In
The Maths Village Maths Face Painting
The Maths Village MathsJam
Matthew Scroggs Matthew Scroggs Q&A and games against MENACE
The Maths Village Midnight Maths
Steve Barnett (Dungeon Crawl Classics) Andrew Armstrong (D&D) Mixed RPGs - Dungeon Crawl Classics and D&D
FieldFX Morning Demoshow
Ivy Obscurecon
Betty Ching Origami Lanterns
Michael Turner @trikkitt PolyCoin Crypto Miners - Null Sector dance floor
Nottinghack Village Pop Up Cafe
The Maths Village Project Euler
hibby QueerMF
FieldFX Rave O'Clock
Alex Ball SEM training
alex pilosov / Pilo shortwave, hf, hft, phased arrays for fun and profit
Simon Singh Simon Singh Q&A
Lex Robots Story Twine
Kliment Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners
Organised by Ben/Bee W Tech Worker Coops informal meetup
- The Bomb Defusal - Escape Game
irl Tor Node Operators meetup
Milliways Whiskyleaks
Mike Haber Why Feedback Sucks and what to do about it
FieldFX Winners Screening