Electronic Music Open Mic (EMOM)

Performance by EMF Music

Saturday from 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM in Null Sector

On Saturday afternoon Null Sector hosts an Electronic Music Open Mic - https://electronicmusicopenmic.com Everyone is welcome to bring along their synths, sequencers, stylophones, spectrums, and signal generators of any kind to play a ten minute live gig on the Null Sector sound system to an audience of curious people. EMOM operates on a first-come-first-served basis, with a sign-up sheet opening 30 minutes before the first performance and sign-ups remaining open until we have no more time left! Remember to write your name on the sheet. We will call people to play their 10 minute slots in order, with the next person setting up while someone plays. If you are not there to play when called we will skip to the next performer. We can provide a single DI input for your equipment and a microphone. Please make sure you bring everything you need to connect to the sound setup. If you are not sure you can do this, please email music@emfcamp.org https://www.emfcamp.org/schedule/2024/661-electronic-music-open-mic-emom https://electronicmusicopenmic.com

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