Fixing climate change: finance, science, policy & data

A talk from EMF 2022 by Gavin Starks

On Sunday June 5, 2022 at in Stage C

Stories from the frontline of those trying to redirect the next $3.6 trillion of global investment into demonstrably carbon net-zero outcomes.

This decade is arguably the 'last roll of the dice' when it comes to acting on climate.

We've spent the last two years digging deep into financial and policy systems, working out how to shift money away from fossil fuels and towards things that might not be awful—and that markets might actually do at scale.

Building on the experiences of developing the Open Banking Standard, the Open Data Institute and AMEE, we'll report on how we're progressing to try and deliver a *demonstrably* net-zero future—by unlocking real-world data-flows.

Learn about what companies, countries, markets and governments are doing today: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Learn what you can do, wherever you are, to be an Icebreaker and help all of us address our climate, environmental and biodiversity emergencies. This needs everyone.