Raspberry Pi Pico Party Poppers

A youthworkshop from EMF 2022 by Richard Hayler

On Saturday June 4, 2022 at in Youth Workshop

Last year Raspberry Pi launched their first microcontroller-class product: Raspberry Pi Pico. It is built on RP2040, a brand-new chip developed here in the UK.

This workshop will introduce the Pico and dive straight in to programming it with MicroPython. We’ll start with some “hello world” onboard LED flashing and move on to using components to build simple circuits. We'll start with the basics and move on to build a sustainable and reusable party popper using this small but mighty microcontroller.

You'll need to bring your own laptop: please install the latest version of the Thonny Python editor before you come. (https://thonny.org/)

Participants will be able keep and take their Raspberry Pi Pico away with them after the workshop.