GPT-3 Powerpoint Karaoke

A performance from EMF 2022 by Adam Froggatt, Kate Devlin

On Saturday June 4, 2022 at in Stage A

An audience interactive event; where willing volunteers collide with GPT-3 AI to present an informative, intellectual and light-hearted presentation to a receptive crowd. Unfortunately, they don't get to see the presentation before they talk about it!

Powerpoint Karaoke will feature a selection of AI titled packs for attendees to present with only a moment to see what they’re about to talk about. The presentations will be interesting but we can't promise they'll be informative!

With the rise of crypto-nonsense, washing machines bricked by ransomware and whatever the metaverse is never has there been a better time for people to take the stage and attempt to convince everyone that they know better than the AI overlord telling them what to talk about.

Winners will be rewarded with a suitably terrible trophy for display in their office cubicle of choice, praised highly for their public speaking skills, and maybe get promotions by listing ‘Ideation and Blue Sky Thinktalking’ on LinkedIn.