Learn how to program (LEGO) rovers used in the most challenging environments

A youthworkshop from EMF 2022 by Will Furnell

On Friday June 3, 2022 at in Youth Workshop

Do you have what it takes to program rovers used in the most difficult environments? Would you like to learn how to code robots from scratch?

You'll teach your rover how to explore its surroundings and gather data from the environment with a set of challenges - starting off with some basics, and working up towards following a course we set.

You'll also learn about how we test real Mars rovers (and LEGO ones!) in the Mars Yard at Boulby Underground Laboratory 1.1km underground, and learn what else this, and our other, exciting laboratories are used for!

Experience with using Scratch or having done some sort of programming can help - but you don't need it, we’re going to run through the coding with you - all you really need is enthusiasm!