From Zero to root in 120 minutes - Introduction to Wordpress Hacking

A workshop from EMF 2022 by Martin Leyrer

On Friday June 3, 2022 at in Workshop 2

To set the film scene: The Hacker opens a black console window, types fast on the keyboard and suddenly has root on the target system, saving the day. But how does this look like in reality?

If you drop by with a Laptop running Kali-Linux either from USB-Stick or from within a virtual machine, I will walk you through the necessary steps. From analyzing the target system, finding exploits on it on to successfully hacking the "victim" using metasploit. And if you are quick enough and behave, we might even get so far as to remotely crash the system.

This is an introductionary level workshop targeted at a novice/beginner level audience that wants to learn how "hacking" actually works. InfoSec personel and other "professionals" attending this session will get shanghaied into supporting the other attendees.

Prerequisites: Bring your own/a Laptop running a recent version of Kali-Linux inside a virtual machine or from a USB stick.