[Music] Look Mum No Computer

A performance from EMF 2022 by Sam Battle

On Friday June 3, 2022 at in Stage B

Look Mum No Computer is a live electronic artist who takes his home made machines on the road to play loud music. Usually found in his studio cooking up a new instrument and writing new songs, he avoids computers like the plague (unless he’s got to send an email).

He’s a multi disciplinary artist with exhibitions of his work under his belt as well as many live shows; from squat raves in Berlin to Warehouse setups in London.

You might have seen some of his inventions floating around the internet, from organs made from 80's Furby toys, Bikes that have Synthesisers and drum machines built into them to 5000 Volt Jacobs ladder and Tesla coil Drum machines, all the way over to Flamethrower organs. Look Mum No Computer is a unique musician with a set of instruments that set him apart from his contemporaries.