Minecraft Robot Challenge

Youth Workshop by Adam Cohen-Rose (he/him)

Friday from 3:40 PM - 5:10 PM in Youth Workshop

Enter a Minecraft world and meet your robot companions – the turtles. You and your turtle have challenges to solve together – and you can only complete them by controlling and programming your turtle. Learn basic programming skills as you move your turtle through the challenges by using drag and drop commands. Or if you're already comfortable programming with text then try to do the same by writing short programs in Lua. Suitable for children aged around 7 or older and their accompanying adults. It helps to know your way around Minecraft already, but it's not necessary to enjoy the workshop. All software is provided – you won't need your own Minecraft software or license. You will need a laptop that can run Java 1.8, so Windows, Mac or Linux (Chromebooks without a Linux install won't work). If you can arrive with Java 1.8 already installed then you'll save some time.

Attending this workshop will cost Free
Suitable age range 7+
Attendees should bring Laptop that can run Java 1.8 (Linux, Mac or Windows – not Chromebooks). I may have a few spare laptops with me!

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