[Music] Cutlasses

A performance from EMF 2022 by Cutlasses

On Sunday June 5, 2022 at in Stage B

A live performance from Cutlasses (AKA Scott Pitkethly) using an orchestra of handmade instruments and effects. Eschewing the oscillators of a traditional synthesiser for the resonances of homemade electro-acoustic sound sources and piezo based noise boxes, these are heavily processed with granular synthesis and micro looping using a palette of effects he has designed and built and housed in a repurposed bright orange metal chest. Taking cues from the world of sound art and horror film soundtracks but always trying to apply pop sensibilities, the result is lush and cinematic soundscapes topped with delicate melody.

As well as an immersive show in its own right, this performance will provide a good companion piece to Scott Pitkethly's talk (An introduction to building your own digital audio effects) on building the instruments he will be using to play live.