3615 Love by PAMAL_Group

Talk by Caroline Zahnd (she/her) 👩‍👦‍👦

Friday from 5:50 PM - 6:20 PM in Stage C

PAMAL_Group is a European artistic group, composed of artists, media theorists, curators-restorers and engineers. Their artwork "3615 Love" will be installed at EMF 2022. PAMAL_Group creates its own works from digital artworks that have disappeared or been severely damaged due to the obsolescence of computer software and hardware. Its work seeks to reveal the vulnerability of an art that is highly dependent on industrial logic. All the artworks that the collective reconstructs, as close as possible to the original materialities, sometimes in a deficient way, are treated as archives. The artwork "3615 Love" is based on the reconstruction of telematic materialities (videotex, Minitel network, etc.) and the archive of works by Jacques-Elie Chabert and Camille Philibert (L'Objet perdu, 1985) and Eduardo Kac (Videotext Poems, 1985-1986). The installation "3615 Love" shows how fragile and vulnerable our digital environment - and a fortiori its artistic productions - is.

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