Machine learning playtime. Make normal objects clever with the micro:bit

A workshop from EMF 2022 by Jonny Austin

On Friday June 3, 2022 at in Workshop 4

The world is being shaped by machine learning. In fact, lots of the pages you visit on the internet are curated by algorithms that have learned what you like, or might buy.

But what's actually going on? And how do machines 'learn'?

In this workshop we'll use the BBC micro:bit to make everyday objects that you bring along, or people that you attach a device to, smarter with machine learning. Make a tennis racket that knows whether you've played a forehand or a backhand, or a shoe that knows whether you're walking or running. Or perhaps a device that can detect your dance moves.

By going through the whole process of collecting data, training a model and then testing the model, we'll demystify some of how machine learning works in the real world, and hopefully have some fun throwing micro:bits around doing it.

We're testing some new software for use with the micro:bit, and this is one of our first outings with it. Please come with the spirit of adventure. Families welcome as long as there are some members who are keen to lead the others!

Suitable for children under 8 if helped by an adult.