DJ Workshop

A youthworkshop from EMF 2022 by Tom

On Saturday June 4, 2022 at in Youth Workshop

Come a long and learn about the history and art of DJ'ing. Get hands-on with your first vinyl record mix on a set of Citronic mono record decks made in England in the the 80’s with tunes from a kids disco at around that time. Try scratching records on a set of Technics SL1210’s and then get hands on with your own device and learning digital DJ skills and techniques.

We will primarily use Mixxx software for the workshop as it's so awesome as well as being open source and free, but other free options for tablets and phones are all possible. There will also be an opportunity to plug into a USB Mixer/controller and demo your new skills at the end! The ultimate aim of this workshop is to introduce some basics of DJ'ing. The kids also have the exciting option to DJ at their own Kids Disco later in the evening at 7:30pm! Royalty free music will be available along with other guidance and options.

Please ask kids to wash hands prior to workshop and kids will also be asked to use hand sanitizer before touching shared DJ kit (if this is a concern don’t worry, just take part in the workshop using your device that you brought). I will clean kit in between kids having a shot. Really grateful for patience and understanding.