1-hour* Computing Degree

A talk from EMF 2022 by Sean Lucent

On Saturday June 4, 2022 at in Stage B

Computing is a very broad field with many diverse topics; is it possible to cover everything for a typical computing degree in just one hour*?! Let's find out!

I will speed talk through everything from bits and bytes to blockchains and beyond. I'll (shallowly) explain: how all of (most of) the parts of a computer work, the role of the operating system, programming, algorithms, modern technologies, AI and the future of computing. There will be no pauses to take notes; no time for questions; no audience participation; no background information... just a(n entertaining) non-stop flood of information!

After this talk, a novice could walk away with a reasonable ability to participate in any computing discussion! An expert might want to come just to see whether I miss anything!

Or just come along to see whether I'll make it through or collapse on stage!

(*or less)