Make an E-Textile Smart Pillow

A workshop from EMF 2022 by Becky Stewart

On Sunday June 5, 2022 at in Workshop 4

Squeeze a pillow to pause Netflix? Brush your hand across the same pillow to turn up the volume? Smart textiles can let us interact with our computers and devices without needing to use a touch screen. In this workshop you will design and build your own smart pillow, which when connected to your laptop, can be programmed to control your favourite streaming services. You will start by prototyping your design with paper circuitry and then will start sewing. Bring along your laptop and all other materials will be provided including an Arduino-compatible microcontroller and Trill capacitive sensor by Bela. No coding experience is needed, but some previous sewing experience will be helpful. If you don’t finish sewing your pillow in the workshop, you can take the necessary materials home with you.

Full documentation, including Arduino library installation instructions you can follow ahead of time at: