Computer Art from the 1960s until now

A talk from EMF 2022 by Pita Arreola

On Friday June 3, 2022 at in Stage B

The V&A’s digital art collection is one of the largest and most comprehensive of its kind, comprising two-thousand works dating from the 1960s to today. Early works include pieces by pioneering artists Vera Molnár, Frieder Nake and Manfred Mohr, who first developed algorithms with independent creative intent, and laid the foundations for today’s digital art practices.

Over time, as the use of computers has increased and society has become networked, the collection has grown to include artists working at the forefront of technological innovation. Artists featured include David Em, who in 1977, produced navigable virtual worlds whilst working with scientists at NASA, and moving to the 21st century, Nye Thompson who interrogates global surveillance systems and their influence on machine vision.

Join us for a curator talk of the collection, exploring iconic digital works that expand on the relationships between art, technology and everyday life.