The future of podcasting is adaptive, open and data ethical

Workshop by Ian Forrester (He/Him)

Friday from 2:50 PM - 4:50 PM in Workshop 5

BBC R&D have been working on reinventing podcasting in a open and data ethical way. Imagine making podcasts that sound different based on what time your listening, where they are and what language is their default. Imagine up to 100+ layers of audio including binaural audio and text to speech to round off a new podcast experience. This is only the start of what adaptive podcasting can do. In this 2 part workshop. Part 1: We will explore what adaptive podcasting is, how it works and what are the possibilities, and a few demos of what has been done so far. There will be lots of time for questions and answers. Part 2: Will have you experimenting and creating your own podcasts using the web editor and/or directly with code. The results can be shared with others in the camp and the wider community.

Attending this workshop will cost No cost
Suitable age range 18+
Attendees should bring For the part 1: nothing, part 2: They would need to bring their own laptop (for editing audio and using the web editor) & a android mobile to test it out

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