Anatomy 102: Is that normal!?!

Talk by Kim Mason (They/Them. (all are acceptable))

Saturday from 5:40 PM - 6:10 PM in Stage A

Interactvie talk on anatomy and diagnostic imaging from the perspective of a radiographer. Using powerpoint presentation and anonymised images from real life cases (plus some funny fakes). - what is diagnostic imaging? - how to understand CT/MRI/xray images + basic anatomy - 'normal or not' quiz - Q&A on radiography Some images will depict injuries/anomalies which may be distressing to some. Original talk would have photos/images of injuries alongside xrays/CT to show how they correlate however this can be removed to just the diagnostic images (CT/MRI/xrays) There will be talk of injuries and pathology which may be distressing. Its a lighthearted look into radiography, but radiographers are known for gallows humour.

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