Sense without sight / blind navigation hands-on workshop

A workshop from EMF 2022 by Sai

On Saturday June 4, 2022 at in Lounge

*Schedule time & location is wrong*

1. Sign-up required:

2. *Time varies each day* on on weather, my stamina, etc. I'll call you to coordinate. Call me if I don't contact you by 11am. Lasts ~1–2 hours.

3. Location: *my tent*, near the Hardware Hacking Area, marked with a purple/yellow/black conlang flag.

Take a walk with me through camp — blindfolded, with one of my guide canes — and sense the world like I do: using air currents, heat, sound, echolocation, ground texture, wind shadow, and more. It's a unique, permanent sensory upgrade you can still use when sighted.

I can handle 4 student participants, 4 assistants, & 5 observers per workshop.

Details & what to expect:

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