Meditation for Hackers

Workshop by Sai (they)

Saturday from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM in Lounge

This is a 2 hour applied meditation workshop, outdoors. No signup or experience required. Location TBD on scouting, will announce at end of day 0. Check or Twitter @saizai or ask in person (I'm the one with hat, glasses, and two white canes). We'll discuss — and practice — several very different meditation techniques, such as: • breath • empty mind • parallel concentration / stack overflow † • "inner sanctum" hypnotic induction ‡ • movement • grounding & shielding / energy play † tends to work especially well if you find "emptying your mind" difficult (e.g. due to ADHD) ‡ very simple, with script 100% disclosed beforehand — no silly stage tricks We'll discuss several variants of the basic mechanisms, how to customise to your own preferences, and personal experiences (iff you choose to share) — but no religion, metaphysics, doctrine, or the like. Please: • wear or bring something comfortable for sitting on grass/dirt • bring a drink & snack • pee and stretch beforehand • silence all electronics while at the workshop • do (only) what works for you I use scripts (with included variation suggestions) that work for most people, but not everyone. Please diverge from my instructions if something else feels right. That's common, and kinda the point — particularly for the hypnotic induction, which needs to be tailored to your own experience). Likewise, if something feels uncomfortable or triggering, please switch to a different meditation exercise instead (e.g. the basic breath meditation we start with). What you share is entirely up to you. I won't call on you. If there's something you'd only be comfortable sharing privately, please find and talk with me at another time.

Attending this workshop will cost Free
Suitable age range 15+
Attendees should bring comfy clothes, drink & snack, empty bladder

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