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List of Villages

Name Description
CYBER BRANDING AGENCY There will be tea/coffee. materials/tools, tables/benches and galleries/installations for your art/code creations. Drop in, create and collaborate and maybe try something you haven't given yourself permission to enjoy before. The on-site psychotherapist is in/out.
Test Village [Plz Ignore] Not actually a test, we're real people. From South Oxfordshire and more. A combination of Harwell Hackers and Makers and our friends.
South London Makerspace South London Makerspace is a social community workshop in the heart of South London, this is a place for all our members to camp together.
Scottish Consulate Consular Chaos, Deep Fried Buckfast, big dinks and big wiggles
Wintergatan Village Fans and volunteers of the Wintergatan band unite!
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VR + PC Gaming Village A small group of friends bringing a Valve Index and gaming rig. Welcoming anyone to come by, try VR or join the village with their gaming kit. Several multiplayer games are on offer and if we get enough people to join, maybe a mini LAN party?
Leeds Hackspace We're Leeds Hackspace! A workshop and craft space for people who like making things, are curious about how stuff works, or would like to learn new skills, based in lovely Leeds.
Cheltenham Hackspace Members and friends of Cheltenham Hackspace! Pop in and have a chat. All are welcome!
Lockpicking Village This year will see the return of the ever popular lockpicking village! Come and learn to pick locks and show off your skills. There will be members of The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers (TOOOL) from UK and the Netherlands to show you how and answer questions.
Shark Corner Glauca and Co
Field-FX A demoparty at emf.
London Aerospace The increasingly misnamed London Aerospace. All things drone and model flight-related. We're a friendly bunch, so feel free to swing by and say hello, or simply stare at our mesmerising RGB village sign.
Bristol Hackspace Folks from Bristol Hackspace
ECS The ECS Village is for all of the lovely people from the University of Southampton!
Regirock ÜN ÜN ÜN
AMSAT-UK / BATC / UKuG Amateur Radio demonstrations and talks. Members representing AMSAT-UK (Amateur Satellites), BATC (British Amateur Television Club), UKuG (UK Microwave Group).
Manchester Hackspace
Heart of Gold DON'T PANIC
Edinburgh Hacklab We are a hackerspace based in Edinburgh, bringing our members, friends, and their hacks. All welcome! The spot where caffeine flows, ideas clash, and gadgets multiply. Every problem has a solution involving duct tape or a Raspberry Pi. I have been a good Bing. 😊
Freeside Freeside is a loose conglomerate of hackers from around the globe. Cyberpunks, Stirner enthusiasts, beer drinkers, hedgehog admirers, and victims of the programming language Go. We are a part of Milliways.
Milton Keynes Makerspace Milton Keynes Makerspace & Friends Likely including the tea tent, and anything else we get around to!
NADHack Newbury & District Hackspace, We promote and encourage technical, scientific, creative and artistic skills through collaboration and education in Newbury and the surrounding areas
SeriousCamp Less serious than the name might suggest Talk to Kristian for more details
GoM / Lucy For those who were Guild of Makers members and friends.
EMF Communications HQ Amateur Radio, Telephones, Communications, Retro Computers, etc. Made up of the EMF Hams (G1EMF), MastCar ARC (G1CAR), CuTEL, and friends. In previous years we were the "Amateur Radio Village"
Moose We are just a bunch of people that got connected by crazy and various circumstances Just a bunch of geeks sharing a story about moose (or possibly meese) who connected by crazy and various circumstances, in a spontaneous and still very dynamic way. Come and visit, we can tell you about all the mosses.
Food Hacking Base We are bunch of hackers from all around the world who are into food, drinks and bio, experimenting wildly and enjoying each others presence.
East Essex Hackspace CIO People from Essex. Not recognisable from antics as demonstrated on TOWIE. Feel free to pop by and say hello or come camp with us.
Hacks "R" Us and Friends Domes and dome enthusiasts
Furry High Commission A village for EMF's Furry community. If you're a furry, or interested in the furry fandom, come and say hi. Many of our number are particularly interested in electronics and radio. We're also a very LGBTQ group. We are a workshop village this year and will be running events where we brew and drink home-brewed beer. We will have a fursuit changing area, social and cooking areas, and pagers available to borrow
Hacking Hamlet Too small to be a village. Making, fixing, cooking, and enough lights to be visible from space (probably)
data_rave We are building an interactive DJ set that anybody can join in with and control. We are a few friends that met online from different parts of the UK. Will be bringing DJ decks + speakers + other goodies. All welcome!
Shonkbot Friends and fans of the Shonkbot, or any sort of low-rent robotics really
The Northern Quarter This is the village where Maker Space (of Newcastle and Gateshead) members and friends will be gathering. Our only real policy is "Flat caps optional, being nice mandatory". That and the global not being on fire thing. This year we are big on LEDs, flags, more LEDs, yet more LEDs, and digital radio. There will also be tea. Lots of tea. We are big on tea.
Nottingham Hackspace We're a hackspace in Nottingham and we'll update this later :D
Unnamed Village A large group of friends, including a team from the Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam.
Model Village πŸ€– Model Village 🦾 is for anyone interested in AI, machine learning, data science, deep learning, open data, GenAI, and everything in between. We're a new village for 2024, all are welcome to join us to camp and chat about: πŸ€–πŸ§ πŸ“Š AI, machine learning, DL, statistics, whatever you call it. πŸ“ŠπŸ“ˆβš–οΈ Data science, open data, data storytelling, algo bias, AI ethics. πŸπŸ¦€βœ¨ Python, R, Mojo, Rust, or whatever you dig to dig into data. 🎡🎻🎷 Bring instruments! We'd love to have some live music jams in the evenings. Whether you go deep or just dipping your toes into the world of AI, you're welcome to join us. Let's hang out, share insights, and enjoy some tunes together under the stars. πŸš€πŸŽΈπŸŒŒ
Milliways Milliways is a big group of hackers from around the world.
Maths Village The Maths Village is run by a group of mathematicians and maths communicators from all over the UK - including researchers, authors, presenters, YouTubers and hobbyists. This year the Maths Village will be one of EMF's Workshop Villages, hosting workshops from the main programme alongside their own content. Last EMF, we had a selection of hands-on maths puzzles, free maths magazines, interactive gadgets and games, dome-building workshops, face painting and a MathsJam evening. If you're a big maths fan already, or want to get into it (or back into it) you're welcome to join us to do some maths, and see what exciting stuff we've come up with this time.
Leigh Hackspace Hi, we're Leigh Hackspace. A collection of makers and artists from Leigh, Greater Manchester. This will be our first EMF camp as a Hackspace, so we're looking forward to meeting people.
York Hackspace Just York Hackspace and associated folks camping in a field in Herefordshire.
lowland village Group of buddies from the lowlands; the Netherlands and Flanders, with a broad variety of interests. sysadmin, HAM radio, experimental music making and (retro) gaming.
The Reckless Engineers Ongoing film project
  Being soft is a revolutionary act. A tapestry of transfeminine-leaning internet communities. Formerly known as the Cuddly Catgirl Collective and femcamp. We are a team of friends combining our talents of our members to create interesting and beautiful things~ Come by for a chat & coffee!
Making Happiness A group of enthusiastic people from the Netherlands; looking for ways to immaterialise happiness.
Treadz 'n' Webz Group of friends with some drop in workshops: Threadz: tablet weaving Webz: Xeon PHI nodes to play with
Cambridge Makespace The EMF home of Cambridge's Makers space
Ukrainian Village To be confirmed. Ukrainian people. Probably Ukrainian shirts, books, food. No permanent stall planned at the moment.
NixCamp A village that aims to show the power of Nix to the world. We want to create an open and welcoming space for people who want to learn and build together. We are all Nix enthusiasts with other interests ranging from radio to game development to AI. We might do small workshops and presentations at the village.
Dolphin Emulator Village Dolphin Emulator developers and friends.
Camp Clippy A group of friends, most of whom are involved with the Puzzle Hunt, but some aren't. We're also mostly software engineers and mostly based in London. The village name is a tribute to everyone's favourite 1990s virtual assistant.
TekhnΔ“-cal Village A village for people who like playing with string πŸͺ‘ 🧢 - knitting, crochet, weaving, sewing conductive wearables, embroidery, handspinning, and any other fibre crafts! There will be a central comfy place to sit in the marquee, free materials for sharing, maybe a couple spare table looms/hooks/knitting needles to use, and a kettle on for tea and coffee. Open to anyone interested. Family-friendly. Hoping to get enough people to organise some drop-in workshops.
Dogsbody HQ Friends of Dogsbody Technology
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Habville High altitude 🎈 and πŸš€
Hackerspaces NL (HSNL) Village of Dutch hackerspaces and friends
Irish Embassy Loose collective of people with some connection to / interest in Ireland, who travel to hacker/maker events and pool resources to create shared spaces while there. You don't need to be from Ireland. You don't need to be living in Ireland. Mostly you just need to be able to get on with us for a week/end.
Flamingo Frontier We are a slightly disparate group covering different genres of nerds. Some of us will be making LED constructs (that may be pink and long legged in nature); one of us running a workshop; others liaising with the Hackspace Foundation folk; and one playing with ham radios. All of us are here for General Malarky and a hearty camping breakfast.
fizzPOP Makerspace Home of Birminghams Makerspace fizzPOP. We will be teaching lock picking, making random stuff and exhibiting various projects/installations. We will be siting a couple of event shelters, a motorhome and tents as per previous years. Can I request we are sited in the same location as last year?
Sounds Like Art Sound Artists: Experienced field recordists, noisemakers, AI enthusiasts, instrument makers, electronics wizards, sculptors...