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3h 26m Biohackers How a group of computer scientists formed a biohacking group
3h 26m Clare Greenhalgh Knitting for non-knitters


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9h 26m How the Russians did cold-war portable radio
3h 26m Elger "Stitch" Jonker Perfect session management in privacy-sensitive web applications Has video
3h 26m Tom Hall What do we have in Computers? Has video
3h 26m Ashton Clarke The Dilemmas of Sci-Fi Has video


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2h 46m James Merlin Magic: Tricks, puzzles, or illusions?
2h 26m GB8EMF Amateur Radio Station Connecting computers together over 1,000s miles without using the Internet Has video
2h 26m Sam Machin I never knew SMS could do that. Has video


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2h 26m Andrejus Kostarevas Attacking Websites for Educational Purposes Only Has video
2h 26m Chris Taylor Antiparticles and Geiger counters Has video
2h 26m Kate Tolley The Art And Science Of The Motivational Corporate Anthem Has video

We're not listing talks from Electromagnetic Wave, as all video footage was lost in a shipping accident.