Parking & Caravan tickets

We have limited space for parking, so if you're coming by car you'll need a parking ticket. We recommend you share a car or use public transport to travel to the site. A dedicated shuttle bus service will be operating from a nearby station — see our Travel Guide for more information.

There is a restricted area on-site for caravans and campervans. If you're bringing your caravan with a car, you don't need a separate parking ticket.


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Ticket Type Cost Amount

For caravans, camper vans, and car tents. If you bring a caravan or car tent, you won't need a separate parking ticket for the towing car. Maximum length 8m. These will be available to purchase at least until March 1, 2024 - availability after that may be limited.

£50.00 sold out

We're trying to keep cars to a minimum. Please take public transport or car-share if you can. Parking tickets will be available to purchase up to one week before the event, so you don't have to buy one now.

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