Tildagon Badge

This year's badge is the Tildagon badge. It's a hexagon with a slot on each side that you can plug hexpansions into. A hexpansion is a 1 mm thick object with a particular shape on one edge. It can be made of cardstock, so you can quickly add some cat ears to your badge, or it can be a printed circuit board.

This year, the badge will have a price in addition to the base ticket. We intend for the badge to be reusable for multiple events, with only a small and cheap part of the badge being replaced. The base of the badge is designed to last and have lots of functionality we don't want to redesign, rebuild, and discard every two years. The price will be lower if you bring your own battery — the 2016 and 2018 badge batteries are compatible with the 2024 badge.

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Product Cost Amount

One badge without a battery


If you have a TiLDA badge battery from EMF 2016 or EMF 2018 (not EMF 2022), it will work with Tildagon.

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