Talks & Workshops 2012

Electromagnetic Field 2012 had an incredibly diverse set of talks and workshops occurring throughout the event.

Video recordings are available of presentations from Stage A and from Stage B.

Documentation of the whole event was gathered on the wiki, including videos, photos, sound and reviews.

Ongoing workshops

There were several workshops that ran throughout the event on every day:

  • Blacksmithing lessons, located in the smithing marquee near the bar
  • Welding lessons, located near the workshop tent

Talk and Workshop schedule

The talk and workshop schedule changed throughout the event. This was the last (reasonably) accurate version of the schedule.

Friday 31st August 2012

TimeStage AlphaStage BetaWorkshop
15:30:00EMF Opening
16:00:00Making a Mechanical Turing Machine - Jim MacArthurLearn to Solder (Properly) - Assorted
17:00:00Drones & Quadcopters - Universal AirPostal Tracking, or, Where do all those Royal Mail vans go? - Peter JacksonCrochet at Scale - Sam Lindenrathen
17:30:00The Game of Go (Workshop) - Steven Gravell
18:00:00Communal Sensor Networks, A review of global DIY environmental monitoring activities - Martin DittusThe Future is Right Here - JezDrones & Quadcopters - Universal Air
19:00:00Mapping internal body parts in 3D using lasers - Ben BlundellTwo-fisted tales of DevOps - beards vs. process - John Hawkes-ReedProgramming TiLDA (Daily) - Assorted
20:00:00Fundamentals of web application security & security testing - Tom DoranDNSSEC, What it is and why you need it - Jasper WallaceCamping stoves from beer cans - Andrew Sleigh
20:30:00The current state of affairs in the DCPU world - José Díez
21:00:00The demo scene: the biggest digital art movement you've never heard of - Matthew WestcottLightning TalksHypnosis Workshop - Dave Ingram

Saturday 1st September 2012

TimeStage AlphaStage BetaWorkshop
11:00:00How a group of computer scientists formed a biohacking group - BiohackersKnitting for non-knitters - Clare GreenhalghHexayurt - Al Razi Masri
11:30:00TiLDA - Charles YarnoldLearn to Solder (Properly) - Assorted
12:00:00DIY Decibel Loggers for Heathrow - Matthias StevensGSM Basics - Paul DartProgramming TiLDA - Assorted
12:30:00High Altitude Ballooning - Adam Greig (UKHAS & CUSF)The Game of Go - Steven Gravell
13:00:00This Pilsner Tastes of Doom Metal – Music Recommender Systems and Beer - Ben FieldsIntroduction to Locksport - Locksport InternationalDIY Decibel Loggers for Heathrow - Matthias Stevens
13:30:00High Altitude Balloon Launch & Tracking - Adam Greig (UKHAS & CUSF)
14:00:00Denial of Surface, Finding Industrial System devices with SHODAN - Eireann LeverettFun with 3D Geometry - Niloy MitraSuperCollider - Lea Nicholson
14:30:00EMFM, how to make a radio station in a field - Chris Roberts
15:00:00Hexayurt: Free hardware housing for the world - Al Razi MasriVodafone repeater umbrella, and antenna design - Kenneth TongLockpicking - Locksport International
16:00:00Engineering tomorrow's healthcare, synthetic tissue generation - Suwan JayasingheWhere have all the women gone? (Women in computing: what’s the problem, why should you be bothered, and what can we do about it?) - Hannah DeeMake Yourself into a Zombie - Kate Oliver
17:00:00Big Pharma - Ben Goldacre
18:00:00Particle Physics beyond the LHC - Sam LindenrathenMaking NHS IT less bad - Carl ReynoldsArduino Workshop for the Curious - Harry Eakins
18:30:00Hackerspace Panel Discussion - Hackerspace People
19:00:00A series of live music performances - Music Hackspace
19:30:00Lightning Talks
20:30:00Programming is terrible. Lessons learned from a life wasted - Tef
21:30:00Mindhacker Hypnoshow - Dave IngramSafe cracking from back in the day to the present day - Warren Rockley

Sunday 2nd September 2012

TimeStage AlphaStage BetaWorkshop
09:00:00Geocaching Walk (3km) - Gausie and Nartandyou
11:00:00The Deeper Meaning Of LOLCats: Learnings From The Academic Study Of The Internet's Favorite Meme - Kate MiltnerFreebase, god, and the semantic web - SpencerKnitting for non-knitters - Clare Greenhalgh
11:30:00Hypermedia RPC - Tef
12:00:00What changes to the UK Communications Bill mean for you - Aimee Maree ForsstromFeed Toby! What happens when 93,000 people feed your dog over the internet - Nat MorrisLearn to Solder (Properly) - Assorted
12:30:00So you think you want to start a hackerspace? (Q&A) - Dominic Morrow
13:00:00Minemu: Protecting buggy binaries from memory corruption attacks - Erik BosmanDatamining a cloud that wasn't meant to be public - Adrien KunyszSMD Soldering Workshop - Robert Fitzsimons
14:00:00SuperCollider - Lea NicholsonIntroduction to Esperanto - Gavan FantomFundamentals of web application security & security testing - Tom Doran
14:30:00Everything you never wanted to know about bees - Jonty Wareing
15:00:00Key Impressioning - Jos WeyersTechies vs Television: How to deal with TV and emerge relatively unscathed - Tom Scott & Charles YarnoldDeploying and managing DNSSEC zones - Jasper Wallace
16:00:00Cyborgs, wearable, implantable, and mobile personal technology - Alexandra GlowaskiA rant about the Space Shuttle - Russ Garrett (Moved to the bar area)
16:30:00Internet to a field, the EMF network - Nat Morris
17:00:00EMF Retrospective, how can it be better - EMF Team
18:00:00The 55th Flotilla - TiLDA badge synced nautical rave up. Bring your badge for the last dance! - Toby ColeLightning TalksHammock making - Morag Hickman
19:00:00EMF Closing