Cutting Machines, Vinyl Pressing, and Sublimation Drop-In Demonstrations

Workshop by Heidi Blanton from Forge & Craft

Friday from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM in Lounge

Hi, I'm Heidi, one half of Forge & Craft. We have a studio in London where we do pen plotting, tinkering, crafting, and making with robots and machines. You’re welcome to join me at our van (what3words: smoker.evolution.coolest) for interactive ad-hoc crafting sessions and a friendly chat on all things crafting, cutting, vinyl, heat pressing, or even pen plotters if you’re interested. I’m happy to let you get involved in designing and pressing, or watch and learn. I will have a variety of supplies on hand, including types of vinyl, heat transfer, infusible ink, and adhesive vinyl. I can discuss the differences between all of these and the sorts of projects you might consider each one for. We intend on hosting you at our camper van, wherever we’re parked, but if you’re interested or have questions, you’re welcome to fill in this form and I can keep you posted on where we’ll be: - I can help customise something you already have for £5 - be it a cotton shirt, a mug, a water bottle, or a tumbler, I will have supplies available to customise something you already have on hand - If you have a blank cotton t-shirt and an SVG design file, we can even look at creating a logo or design using my heat transfer vinyl stash (one colour designs only). There is a cost of £5 per item to cover supplies, but it could be a fun way to bring new life into something you already have. Mugs and tumblers will hold up well with the adhesive vinyl that I have. I have a variety of colours, including foil designs to customise with. Please bring supplies with you for this, I will not have anything extra. For T-shirts, any cotton shirt will do; I usually pick mine up from Tesco or Sainsbury’s, where they have many options in different colours. If you’re interested in designing something new, I will have a small variety of blanks available for customisation and purchase while stocks last. - 12 oz coffee mugs (£12) - You can use sublimation / infusible ink papers with pre-printed designs suitable for cutting out, or I have some infusible ink pens for drawn designs that would work great with these mugs - Accessory bags (large: £20; and small: £18): I can customise these bags using Heat Transfer vinyl, which is great for monograms or simple designs. I have access to a design library if you need ideas for what to include with your bag designs. The large bags are dipped base canvas bags with a navy blue base and natural top. The small cosmetic bags come in black, natural, navy, or pink. I have a couple of pre-made options available too. - 20 oz skinny tumblers (£30) - Using sublimation / infusible ink papers with pre-printed designs, these are great for cut-out designs - Sublimation t-shirts (£24) (Small—large sizes; I have some XL, but I think they run small, so please check with me on sizes)—These are sublimation t-shirt blanks and would work with the infusible ink transfer sheets and infusible ink pens. Also, if you’re curious why you can do sublimation on some shirts but not on others, come by and chat with me about the different materials.

Attending this workshop will cost Free
Suitable age range Aimed at adults, but supervised kids welcome.
Attendees should bring If you want something customised you will need to bring your own blanks. Cotton t-shirts, mugs, and water bottles are all good options but get in touch if you have something else in mind to see if I have supplies that will work. I can work with your own logos or designs. The best types are simple, single-colour SVGs for cut-out designs. Drawn designs will only work with line art in vector format. Filled designs are possible but require more preparation in design software before they can be usable with any of my pens. Feel free to bring your laptop if there's something you'd like to create. I also have access to pre-made designs that we can look through if you have something in mind but don't want to design it yourself.

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