bit:birds: build & code micro:bit pipecleaner birds as part of the EMF flock

Youth Workshop by Jonny Austin (He/Him) 🎟

Friday from 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM in Youth Workshop

We want to build a flock of beautiful, unique, singing, communicating birds. Your bird will come and join the flock. We'll show you how to write your first micro:bit program, how to play with different ways to make cool sounds, and then how to make your bird a social beast, responding to wireless signals from the flock. We want you to come and teach your bird how to squeak, squawk, sqauck, quack or even beatbox. You will need to bring a laptop We'll provide the micro:bits, batteries, cables and craft materials. If you have your own micro:bit (V2), bring it along so you can keep your bird at the end of the festival. if you have servo motors, bring them along and you can make a bird that flaps. You can code in MicroPython or MakeCode (which is like Scratch) At the end of the activity we will find a nice tree to hang the birds up somewhere people can come and see, hear and admire them.

Attending this workshop will cost Free but you can't keep the micro:bit, sorry.
Suitable age range 8+
Attendees should bring Laptop with USB ports (C or A). Headphones might be helpful. Wired best. (optional: own micro:bit V2 if you have one, servos if you want flapping)

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