Rocket Science and Brain Surgery

Youth Workshop by Tom Howe (he/him) 🎟

Sunday from 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM in Youth Workshop

Thought becoming Rocket Scientist or a Brain Surgeon was difficult? Get ready for an hour of pure excitement where we'll do both! 🚀 Rocket Launch: Get ready to be a rocket scientist as we design and build stomp rockets! Then with a burst of compressed air, watch your creation shoot towards the stars from our launchpad. 🧠 Brain Surgery: Step into the shoes of a brain surgeon (no medical degree required) as we perform keyhole surgery on artificial brains. We'll create our own electric circuits that'll buzz if any "mistakes" are made—just like the classic Operation game. All materials will be provided, just bring enthusiasm! 🚀🧠

Attending this workshop will cost Free
Suitable age range 5+
Attendees should bring none

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