Not Just for Toys & Trinkets: Learn how CAD and 3D Printing can be the Ultimate Tool for any Toolkit!

Workshop by Allie Katz (they/them) 🎟

Sunday from 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM in Workshop 2 (Milliways)

Ever look around and feel like 3D Printing is only useful for creating endless plastic toys and trinkets? Well, this workshop is here to show you that 3D printing is so much more, and might just be the tool you need to enhance your cosplay, electronics, or even traditional art practice! In this workshop I'll be teaching you how to think outside of the box and design pieces to augment other creative pursuits, as well as how best to 3D print them! We'll be using Fusion 360 (free version available to download) for the design process. No prior 3D design or 3D printing experience necessary, though it's helpful if you have some! Come with your favourite nerdy pursuit in mind, and leave with something you made to help make it even better!

Attending this workshop will cost ~£5 if you want to print something; otherwise free
Suitable age range 16+
Attendees should bring A laptop and mouse, the software can be downloaded and installed at the workshop

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