Laser Cut Leather

Workshop by Helen Vardy (She/her) 🎟

Saturday from 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM in Workshop 1 (NottingHack)

A modern spin on leather work. Laser cut leather pieces that can be hand sewn together. A blend of maths, technical drawing and modern technology to create an easy to sew bag, wallet purse, bag tag, or glasses case. Different levels of challenge are part of this as the laser cut holes offer many different stitching possibilities. Kits will be provided with a variety of leathers (including eco and recycled leather) Participants will have the option to create personalised kits that can be taken home to complete after the workshop. 2d CAD is all that is needed but the magic is in the use of simple tools; offsets, arrays, rotations and reflections. Some beautiful maths and geometry mixed with some primary school needlework, do you remember doing crosstich in binca.... The laser cutting and etching will be demonstrated with video and a variety of methods to explore at home from using a printer, Circuit or laser cutter will be shown for those who would like to experiment further.

Attending this workshop will cost £15-£50 depending on kits chosen.
Suitable age range 12+
Attendees should bring None. A laptop can be brought along to explore CAD software.

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