Hebocon Building Workshop

Workshop by Jed Preist (he/him) 🎟

Sunday from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM in Workshop 6 (Hardware Hacking)

This workshop has the following content notes:
Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult, and both must have a ticket for this workshop

Hebocon is Robot Wars for those who are not technically gifted, or who would like to stop being technically gifted for a few hours. Twirling assemblages of junk face off against hot glue monstrosities, whilst some contenders might fail to move at all. The most successful robots are those which are truly ‘heboi’, meaning technically poor or low in quality. These are bots constructed without the technology or skill that you’d usually expect in a robot fighting tournament. Join us to build robots, ready to compete in this years Hebocon! The first round of the competition will be in this workshop from 12:00 - 13:00. The winners of the first round will be competing on Stage C from 14:00-14:40, so make sure you're free then. You are also welcome to build a robot just for the fun of it.

Attending this workshop will cost £6 per kit, free attendance
Suitable age range All ages
Attendees should bring Any junk you think could be made into a robot! Plus 4 AAA batteries if you are planning on getting a kit

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