The problem with medical influencers

Talk by Rohin Francis (He/him)

Saturday from 12:50 PM - 1:20 PM in Stage A

High carb? High fat? Which fat? Weights, are you crazy? It's all about cardio! Cardio, are you mad? Weights! Is Diet Coke giving you cancer? Did seed oils cause your gammy knee? Fruits are bad now? Ground yourself, but air your perineum. Suncream is a conspiracy and your brain is infected with mould. Listen to your bowels, the microbiome is in control. Meditate, but don't enjoy it. Stare directly into the sun. Ice baths! Saunas! Ice baths in saunas! (admittedly quite brief) And whatever you do, DON'T. EAT. ANYTHING. Why is it so hard to find useful and understandable medical information on the internet? Why are the people who we go to so bad at doing it? Why has wellness become a sickness? NHS consultant cardiologist Dr Rohin Francis dives into the wild world of medical influencers to find out why too much information can be bad for your health.

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