Everyone's a Writer!

Workshop by Kestral Gaian (They/Them) 🎟

Saturday from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM in Workshop 3 (Furry High Commission)

This workshop has the following content notes:
Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult, and both must have a ticket for this workshop

You don't have to be an English graduate or a nepo-baby to become an author! If you love the idea of telling a story using words, verse, poetry, or song, then this workshop is for you. Bring along a notepad or your laptop and dive into some writing prompts and excersises. We'll discuss how to get started, how to get unstuck, and how to fit writing into your day no matter how busy you get. πŸ‘‰ This workshop comtains hints and top tips to help everyone get started with writing, no matter your experience level or preferred genre. ✏️ This workshop is full of writing prompts and handy tips and tricks to get started or unstuck with your writing. 😬 Never written before? No problem! This workshop is absolutely open to absolute beginners, and there's no barriers to entry. 🎁 Every workshop attendee will get to take away a set of writing prompts!

Attending this workshop will cost Free
Suitable age range 12+
Attendees should bring Laptop or Notepad & Pen

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