Build a wall penetrating radar

Workshop by John Panto 🎟

Sunday from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM in Workshop 3 (Furry High Commission)

This workshop has the following content notes:
Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult, and both must have a ticket for this workshop

In this workshop, participants will learn how radiowaves can propagate through different media, including walls, and what components are needed to produce and detect these signals. During the workshop, each group will design and make some components such as the antenna and the mechanical support and integrate them to the electronics to build a wall penetrating radar. Finally, some testing. Each group will show the capabilities of its radar in detecting hidden objects.

Attending this workshop will cost £5 per attendee, £110 if you want to take home the radar
Suitable age range 12+
Attendees should bring Laptop (optional)

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