Toys for Elephants

Talk by Fiona French (she/her) 👪

Saturday from 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM in Stage A

About the challenges and delights of designing playful interactive systems with elephants currently living in the UK, featuring elephants with brambles, supersize balls, giant sliders and didgeridoos, being curious, affectionate, playful, apprehensive, bored, wilful, impatient, destructive, muddy, moody and matriarchal. This is an ongoing project, focusing on offering choice and control in elephants’ environments to investigate preferences around audition and design aesthetics. Enrichment goals are to provide interesting cognitive and sensory experiences that encourage the expression of natural behaviours. We’ll consider the why, what and how associated with all of that animal-computer interaction stuff, and invite people to share their thoughts and suggestions - either remotely or subsequently over a cup of tea. Love and respect to the elephants in your life.

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