Build your own air quality monitoring station!

Workshop by Tom Hodson (He/Him) 🎟

Friday from 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM in Workshop 2 (Milliways)

This workshop has the following content notes:
Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult, and both must have a ticket for this workshop

Air pollution is a major public health issue but you’d be surprised how few official monitoring stations there are in Europe. That’s an issue because pollution levels can vary a lot even between adjacent streets so to get the best picture possible we need more sensors! This is where citizen lead projects like Sensor.Community are doing amazing things. In this workshop you’ll put together an air quality monitor made from an ESP8266 and a few sensors, load up the firmware and connect it to the network so that other people, scientists and policy makers can see where the problems are and hopefully change something. We’ll discuss options for weather proofing, where to place the sensor and how to hook it into your own smart home setup if you have one. I will be selling kits at cost which include: - An ESP8266 Dev board with micro USB port - A BME280 Pressure/Temp/Humidity sensor - A 2m micro USB cable - F-F header cables - An SDS011 particulate matter sensor - A USB power supply **is not** included, let's try to prevent some e-waste by reusuing an old one! I currently have 10 kits including the SDS011 for £40 and an additional 20 with just the BME280 for £15. You will need to bring your own usb power supply or plug it into a laptop and I will leave the weather proofing up to you once you install it at home. I can accept payment in cash (exact change only please!), contactless or bank transfer. I don't have a physical card reader so can't accept chip and pin payments only contactless. A special shoutout will go to anyone who: - Scrounges together the parts for a sensor purely from things they get at the camp! - Get the firmware running on the EMFcamp badge! - Makes an airquality themed Hexpansion for the badge! - Does something else unexpected with the idea, it's a citizen lead project after all! [1]:

Attending this workshop will cost £40 for a full kit, £15 for the kit **without** the SDS011 air quality sensor.
Suitable age range All ages
Attendees should bring A laptop and optionally a solering iron, though some will be provided.

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