EveryWhere, a regenerative mesh network for communities

Talk by Joel Gethin Lewis (He/Him) 👩‍👧

Saturday from 6:10 PM - 6:40 PM in Stage C

EveryWhere is an open source system for creating mesh networks to allow communities to connect with themselves without having to use commercial systems to do so. Inspired by David Graeber's idea of the sustainable activities of play and care, EveryWhere aims to make new rituals around technology that allow the network to exist across generations. In 2022 we convened a group of artists, technologists, designers and activists to start the project. As result of the connections made, we have identified themes and ideas that we will present in this talk. The five themes are Community, Sustainability, Software, Hardware and Creative. Within each of these themes, we've identified four main areas of concern. The purpose of this talk would be to relate our progress up to this point and to galvanise further collaboration with the EMF community. We are a pair of artistic researchers and creative technologists and we care!

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