From Tax Law to Tangible Dreams: An Accidental Maker's Journey

Talk by Shan Sun (She/her) 👩‍👧

Saturday from 10:00 AM - 10:20 AM in Stage C

I was trained as a tax lawyer and data scientist as a profession but I always wanted to build. I attended the my first EMF and was hugely inspired by the participants and presenters I met. The following year, with the support of an EU innovation grant, I embarked on a 6-month product design course, culminating in an interactive children's book inspired by the Art of War. This unique book blends storytelling with 3D paper origami, touch sensors, cloud-based audio features, making ancient wisdom fun and engaging for young minds. In my talk, I'll share the challenges and triumphs of this unexpected adventure, from design principles to prototyping hurdles, offering valuable insights for aspiring makers and seasoned professionals alike.

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