Photobombed by a Robot Arm in space

Talk by Richard Hayler 👪

Friday from 4:10 PM - 4:40 PM in Stage B

Get ready to take a trip into space. We'll be travelling 400km up to the International Space Station, to take a look at Earth through the lens of the Astro Pi computers that were sent there in 2020. This talk will focus on what has been learnt from years of giving young people the chance to take photos from the ISS using affordable commercial hardware. There will be plenty of the amazing images that have been captured so far, along with some examples of unexpected interruptions and the challenges when you can’t actually see or touch the equipment yourself. There will also be a chance for the audience to join in with an interactive game based on some of the photos. You'll need an Internet connected device to join in. Ground replicas of the actual hardware will also be on show and available for inspection.

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